The Tundra III HA

As a complement to their stoves, Trangia has produced a set of cookware without a burner, designed to suit either alcohol or isobutane stoves. 

The Tundra Cookware Set 3 HA includes 1.75 and 1.5 litre saucepans, a lid that fits both saucepans, a 20 cm non-stick frypan, a handle, and cover.

HA: Besides making the windproof stove systems even more resistant to scratching and wear, hardanodizing is a surface treatment that also improves corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the treatment makes the stove systems easier to clean than untreated stove systems. These excellent properties have led to hardanodized cookware replacing Trangia's Titanium and Duossal lines. Please note that the non-stick frypan should not be used over petroleum based stoves or fires.



- 1.75 and 1.5 litre saucepans, in hardanodized ultralight aluminium,

- Frypan Ø200 mm in non-stick,

- Lid in aluminium that fits both saucepans,

- Pan grip and cover

- Weight 620 g.

Trangia Tundra III Ultralight HA Cookset

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