Trangia 27-3 UL Stove Details

The new Trangia 27-1 Ultralight Stove uses aluminum that is 18% lighter than other stoves. Trangia Series 27 offers good stoves for the lone walker or two Person. The pans are smaller and the kettle(not included) is sized accordingly. A small, compact stove that takes up minimal room in the rucksack. Here too, large billies can be placed on the raised supports in the upper windshield. All stoves include upper and lower windshields, burner, handle and strap.. Stove with two 1.0 litre saucepans, graded and ungraded and 1 non-stick frypan, 18 cm.



  • weight: 1 lb 9 oz / 740 g
  • Ultra Light Aluminum
  • two 1.0 litre saucepans, graded and ungraded
  • 1 non-stick frypan, 7"/18 cm


Weight 1.63 lb / 739 g
Stove Type Alcohol & Solid Fuel
Fuel Connector Not Applicable
Fuel Type Denatured Alcohol
Auto Igniter No
Burn Time Not specified
Output 1000 w (spirit burner), 2100 w (gas burner)
Material Ultralight Aluminum
Field Maintainable Yes

Trangia Storm Cooker 27-3UL Cookset